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Self Managed Super Fund Loan

Purchase an established property for investment purposes under your Self Managed Superannuation fund.

Utilise the tax benefits and other features of the home loan.

Your benefits using a SMSF to purchase property

Greater investment choice available
Maximum control over investment strategies
Investment in residential, commercial or rural property
Gain access to investment gearing opportunities
Can be used for efficient estate planning
Reduce or avoid capital gains tax when the property is sold
Maximum 15% income tax on rental income
A member's fund assets are protected from mortgage lender in the event of default
Income from the property can help pay off the mortgage loan
Interest expenses may be claimed as tax deductions by the SMSF which can potentially reduce tax liability

When your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) wants to buy property, your SMSF can make an equity contribution on the property and the remainder of the funds can be borrowed from a mortgage lender to complete the purchase.

Self managed super fund (SMSF) loans can be complex and we can help you to research the various mortgage loans available to find the best loan product that suits your needs.

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