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Investing in Property

Are you considering buying your first investment property? Or are you building up your portfolio?

There are several lending options to help you maximise the performance of your investment.

Your benefits with an Investment Loan option

Finding the right investment loan is almost as important as finding the right property.

There are a variety of loan options such as Interest Only loans and packages that may allow you to continue purchasing properties in the future without application fees. If you already own a property you may even be able to purchase an investment property without a cash deposit.
Investment loan options offer variable rates, fixed rates, Interest Only or Principal and Interest repayments, lines of credit and Fixed Interest in Advance Investment loan.
Variable interest rate loan offers flexibility, Interest in Advance Investment loan allow you to pay your interest up-front, which may provide taxation benefits, while the fixed rate provides certainty of repayments and safeguards you against increasing interest rates

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